comod FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a nationally recognized credit bureau?
Yes. We are approved by the State of Florida and local county and city licensing boards. We are also approved by the State of Hawaii DCCA-PVL.

Do your credit reports include a FICO point score?
Yes. Our personal credit reports include a FICO point score. A risk score (Intelliscore Plussm from Experian) is available on the business report for an additional fee. Both Broward and Dade counties require this business risk score.

Will my credit report include the public records search that the licensing board requires?
Absolutely. Our credit reports are designed for the licensing boards and include the specific public records search language that they require. Records are checked at the county, state and federal levels.

Why do they need a credit report on me?
The licensing boards want to make sure that the person applying for the license is financially responsible and can operate a business properly.

Why do they need a credit report on my brand new business?
The State licensing board is primarily interested in a clean bill of health when we do the public records search. They realize you don't have any credit history on your new business and they don't expect any. They just want to make sure that while you may be brand new here in Florida, you haven't been operating this business somewhere else and run up a bunch of lawsuits, liens, judgments or bankruptcy filings.

I need credit reports for the State. Are you going to send the reports to me or to the State?
We recommend sending the reports to you so that you can put the reports in with your package that you are sending to the State. It is best to send them everything all at once.

What is the Additional Copy for Review?
Most of the County and City licensing boards require us to send the reports directly to them. The additional copy is sent to you. We also recommend ordering an additional copy if you suspect issues and want a "rough draft" sent to you before we close out your file. That way, you will get a preview and be able to resolve any negative items that may be on your report. Once we get the proper documentation from you, we can update your report accordingly and send you a new, updated report. All for only $10.00 extra.

Is My Personal Information Secure?
All information transmitted from this site is secured by a 256 bit SSL certificate. Once we receive your information it is handled according to PCI DSS and credit repository security standards. Your credit card information is not stored on our system. Your personal information is encrypted and stored on our systems for a period of time as required by credit repository policy and in accordance with federal law (FCRA).